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I am a serial entrepreneur. Identifying opportunity, strategising, overcoming challenges and ultimately succeeding is in my nature, as is educating. Starting off with a grounding in finance (I am a Chartered Accountant, having trained with Touche Ross/Deloitte and later moving on to Ernst & Young) I went through Stanhope (a major real estate developer) before branching out into a startup tech company and ultimately founding Bryanston Square, an organisation committed to enhancing life chances through education.  Our strap line is “Achieve More”.

Along the way I was also a non-executive director of an HR consultancy, put together an antique shop business and assembled a small group of mechanics to bid with me for Europe’s largest independent Ferrari sales and maintenance business. 

At Bryanston Square, I am combining my skills and knowledge to make a difference in education, from the facilities to what goes on in them, and it’s something I’m passionate about. I built a small organisation to work on bidding for large Government contracts under what was then the Building Schools for the Future programme. We bid for some 48 projects, all highly sought after contracts, and won 42. Later, I also assisted some Local Government procurement directors on around £1.5Bn of contracts from the private sector. 

In addition to my speaking engagements, I now work in and around schools and their students, although I still get involved in a few building or renovation projects. I fund the work we do with students around the country through commercial work for private sector clients.

My time is taken up with projects and with helping drive change. I am often asked to speak at conferences and seminars, where my main focus is on achievement and removing blockers. Some call it motivational speaking. I also get asked to speak to commercial organisations at conferences and seminars where the matters are remarkably similar. I’ve been lucky enough to have received great reviews.

4 thoughts on “About Marcus

  1. Marcus came to speak to our staff this afternoon at Chalkwell Hall about education and the power of interaction and inquiry. I just wanted to leave a note to say how inspirational his talk was, and how truly connected I felt to the message he was putting to us. He is such a lovely, interesting and genuine person, and I am so pleased I was able to listen to his story and his message. I wish I had more time to chat with him personally, but even speaking to him after his talk was a real pleasure. Please keep doing what you’re doing; you are incredible at it! 🙂

  2. He came to my school yesterday to see all of us year 9 and possibly one of the nicest man I have spoke to and listens to in the 13 years I’v lived it’s mad me start to think about things in life and do things ur self don’t let the world carry u alone with it and he’s a very funny man he mad me laugh throughouthis speech and mad me shock at harlf of it I’m well Untruly happy for him to come to my school and say what he said thank you a lot

  3. Yesterday, Marcus gave a speech at our school, Bluecoat Wollaton, it was truly motivational. It wasn’t the usual drab and boring lecture, from what I could get from talking to my fellow students throughout that day was that each and everyone of them felt motivated, motivated to do what they wanted to do and beyond. It would be wonderful if we could meet again, Thank you!

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