The secret to making sales is not so much the ‘selling’ but more helping people want to buy what you are selling. On web based sales, it’s the interaction and endorsement which works, but in face to face, there’s something more.  Very seldom do people tell their friends and colleagues about the super sales person they met, but they often do say “look what I found” in this or that place.  Did they ‘find’ it or did someone in sales help them to find it.  I show delegates the good and the not so good through to the disasters.

Leadership and management
There is a real difference between being a good leader and a good manager and all too often the two got confused.  Someone who is a great manager might make a dreadful leader, and vice versa – and it might not be a matter of having to lead from the front. I have met and interviewed a huge number of leaders and managers and have recorded a number of those interviews.

I inspire people to break through their self imposed barriers by sharing stories of others.

I am a Chartered Accountant so ought to know about finance.  But like so many professionals, once I qualified I really did think that I know it all.  It was only when I tried to secure borrowing for my first venture, and then later when I helped negotiate a £165m debt facility I realised how little I actually knew.  What I have now learned is that great ideas usually (but not always) get finance. Some other, not such good ideas can.  So why?  I have learned that it is often about the persuasive element of the ‘pitch’ and just making sure that all the boxes are ‘ticked’. Financiers cannot make money unless they lend or invest.  All they want to do is make sure that it doesn’t get lost whilst they are holding the position.

I help people to see the obvious: to remove the obstacles of ‘cant be done’

The Future

Insights, knowledge and experience of what is likely to come