Thinking, Speaking


I believe that the more time one spends with a problem, the harder it is to see the way round it. Similarly, I find that taking a sequential approach to problem solving often constrains the very processes needed to get out. Ideas can come thick and fast – don’t discount them until one knows them to be unhelpful. But along the way, this can seem like a terrible waste of time. Until the solution pops up, of course.

I just love working with people until those ideas flow from them.


I don’t know, but sometimes I get told that I can ‘hold an audience’. It’s not me. It’s the words which come out. People will give you the time if what one says is interesting and relevant to them. Whether they are young people in a classroom eager to learn, or a group of professionals who need to regain their motivation, all need the same. A bit of humility, and understanding of their position, and a real desire to help them. It’s not about pre-prepared speeches or lessons (but of
course preparation is essential) but the desire to turn the material around to make its relevance obvious. And the essential is that it be useful.

So, if you want me to come and work with some students at a school Prize giving, or a bunch of professionals who are stuck
on a problem……